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Meskad, sustainable gastronomy

Local restaurant with fresh products

Eclectic cuisine with products from short circuits

Our inspirations come from the culture of coffee and healthy food in Australia, from the friendly atmosphere of the stalls in Cambodia, from the Jamaican street food with ginger and chilli, or from Tunisia and its Mediterranean cuisine sublimated by a palette of spices… We take all these influences in order to reinterpret them with the Breton sauce and to propose a restaurant concept which is part of a fusion cuisine confronting several cultures and techniques while being supplied by local suppliers.

Légumes bio locaux dans des cagettes
A vegan offer offered at any time of the day on lunch/dinner menus, cakes and drinks made from vegetable milk.
No more single-use packaging: now it's reusable cups and Pyrex® glass containers for everyone!
In partnership with the Ademe (government agency for ecological transition) we are committed to using reusable containers as a substitute for single-use packaging. We offer our customers reusable cups manufactured by Esprit Planète (Rennes).
Les coursiers dinannais devant Meskad
Delivery of meal trays for companies and administrations

In partnership with Les Coursiers Dinanais which ensures the collection of our biowaste, in compliance with the anti-waste law.

Our menus


Select one dish at each part of the dinner. Price: 35€.


For this summer 2022 we propose you, pellentesque and proin. Venenatis iaculis nibh neque sit ullamcorper ac dictumst. Amet dignissim nunc gravida eu vestibulum elit. In lorem ornare sollicitudin aliquet nunc cum massa.

and for dessert

Cup of ice

Gourmet or Breton!

Salty tapas

Roasted almonds with paprika and fleur de sel (vegan)

4.00 €

Taggiasca olives from Puglia (vegan)

4.50 €

Garlic and rosemary focaccia, tomato condiment (vegan)

4.50 €

Eggplant caviar with Kampot pepper (vegan)

5.00 €

Brick of candied vegetables (vegan)

5.00 €

Whelks with aioli sauce

7.00 €

Falafels with spicy tahini sauce (vegan)

7.00 €

Kilpatrick Oysters x6(bacon and Worcestershire sauce)

8.00 €

Breaded pig's ears with chimichurri sauce

8.00 €

Tartar of lean meat with kalamansi dressing

10.00 €

Grilled octopus with thyme and rosemary, lemon and chilli oil

11.00 €

Pan-fried shitakes from Créhen with parsley butter (vegetarian)

11.00 €

Grass-crusted beef tataki with soy caramel

12.00 €

Croque with truffle and mornay sauce (vegetarian)

13.00 €

Cheese plate

14.00 €

Plate of Italian cold cuts

15.00 €

Sweet tapas

Fontainebleau with seasonal fruits

6.00 €

Fresh fruit tartar with spices, kalamansi sorbet (vegan)

6.00 €

Crunchy white chocolate with lime zest, red fruit coulis and ice cream, market strawberries (vegan)

6.50 €

Crispy rice, dark chocolate and tonka bean cream, toasted sesame (gluten free)

7.00 €

Lemon curd, Breton shortbread, fig sorbet

7.00 €

Gourmet cookie, vanilla mascarpone whipped cream, gianduja sauce

8.50 €

Gourmet cup (vanilla ice cream, cookie pieces, praline sauce)

8.00 €

Coupe bretonne (caramel ice cream, roasted apples, caramel sauce)

8.00 €

The Valrhona chocolate pleasure

9.00 €

Small praline cracker choux

9.00 €

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coffee-croissant and more

The Brunch

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